Building of the Month (November)

Our building for November, as interpreted by our Artist in Residence ‘Bill Hunt’ is the Mining and Metallurgy Building, at the University of Birmingham.

Architect: Arup Associates

Location: University of Birmingham

Completed: 1966

Listed: Grade II

Arup Associates was initially set up as a ‘laboratory’ inside the Arup organisation with the aim of developing new ideas.

The architectural arm was set up a decade earlier under two newly qualified architects from the Architectural Association, Philip Dowson and Francis Pym.

The Mining and Metallurgy building at University of Birmingham is a very important example of their work in the university sector.

The construction was based on 6m square concrete tables and the overall strategy was for the structure to be subservient to the servicing requirements and to try to ensure future changes could easily be accommodated.

Important Influence: Lois Khan’s approach to laboratory design and how they are serviced and made adaptable.