HEDQF Members Celebrate 2019 RIBA National Awards

No fewer than four HEDQF Founder Members were awarded RIBA National Awards when this year’s winners were announced on 27 June 2019.  All were selected from the RIBA Regional Award winners determined earlier this year.

Stanton Williams – Simon Sainsbury Centre, Cambridge Judge Business School

Hawkins Brown – The Beecroft Building, University of Oxford

Wilkinson Eyre – Eddington Lot 1, North West Cambridge

AECOM – Eddington Masterplan

They were joined by HEDQF member Make, who won an award for their teaching and learning building at Nottingham University.

Commenting HEDQF Chair Julian Robinson said that “whilst there were not so many university projects on the list as previous years, I was delighted that three out of four of the projects in the ‘campus’ category of the RIBA awards, were designed by HEDQF members. Huge and richly deserved congratulations to both the architects and clients.”

See also https://www.architectsjournal.co.uk/news/riba-national-award-winners-2019-announced/10043340.article