Interview with Bill Hunt, HEDQF artist in residence

Who are you and what do you do?

I am Bill Hunt Dip Arch a former architect and previous Head of Projects, Development  and Planning on multiple projects in the HEI sector at 3 universities in London including working on numerous award winning buildings.  I have now retired and now I print – I make print images.  This picture was taken while working in my ‘kitchen studio’ – a very small workspace but you can still do all sorts!  You can see one print cut and printed (the Ipod) and one in preparation for inking and then printing (Alabama Uni Wellness Centre).  In  the foreground are the basic tools I use.

What is your proudest accomplishment?

Professionally, well I worked with some great architects to realise some fantastic buildings, hard work at times but eventually rewarding and leading to awards and accolades sometimes. 

However running my own architectural practice for seven years was my real professional pinnacle but now printing – creating images across a wide spectrum of subject matter from architecture and the applied arts.  A new pinnacle. 

What is your favourite thing about your career?

Being given the opportunity to add to the creation of various award winning buildings plus working in the built environment sector to improve the constant in our lives, we all move through it, look at it and hopefully enjoy it. 

Describe HEDQF in a sentence?

A great promoter of design, dialogue and research across the HEI sector which hopefully benefits all in the university sector but also hopefully a wider audience.

What is your contribution to HEDQF?

I have recently been appointed as Artist in Residence at HEDQF and I am looking to produce work that reinforces the quality of design in the sector but maybe make it a bit wider – to say applied art after all –  it is all about design quality. 

What does a good HE building mean to you – quote?

Supports and enables students to be engaged through the years they are at a university.  Provides a meaningful environment that they enjoy and connect with and supports their learning. 

One thing about you that will surprise people?

I spent over 2years in HMP Wandsworth for my sins…..luckily the let me out each end of the day.  Lesson…don’t go to prison.

Future of learning: green or bleak?

Hmmm.  Difficult one.  Does everyone need to go to a university – how about polytechnics with business connections and a more focused job outcome?

What is your favourite piece of design? 

Blizard Building – took 6 years working with Will Alsop. Rock and roll. Oh, and the original Mini!

What makes you laugh the most? 

The Pub Landlord – Eddie Izzard – Liverpool losing every game they play!

If you could choose to do anything for a day, what would it be?

Going to any really good art exhibition – visual stimulation is a constant.

Working from home or office? 

I work from home – table in the kitchen is my office. 

That’s all from Bill for now, you can see more about Bill’s work in his presentation here.  Look out for our next interview in May …..