Learning lessons from Covid-19 – Post event report and new date announced

Learning lessons from Covid-19 for the design of the Future Sustainable Campus

Alex Grigull and Rupert Cook recently presented on behalf of HEDQF at the AUDE Conference ‘CoronaCoaster’.  With almost 90 attendees in the session, Rupert and Alex shared the recent findings of the HEDQF and joint HEDQF/ AUDE surveys. The event was chaired by Steve Wells, the Chair of AUDE, and joined by Dr. Roddy Yarr, deputy chair of AUDE’s sustainability group.

The panel debate highlighted that the climate-emergency student generation is demanding more feedback about the performance of buildings and their environments. Students want to be on campus, albeit they expect at times limited access to facilities as a result of COVID, the longing for social interaction in the physical campus setting is paramount going forward. This should include better external space for being together, for informal learning and building social networks outside the teaching environment to enjoy university life.   The full webinar recording can be downloaded here.

Missed this event?  Sign up now for a repeat session scheduled for 26th May from 4-5pm.  This time it’s free and open to all.  Non-AUDE members can book using the guest option.