Student Life research published

We are delighted to publish our latest research report on the subject of Student Life. The report is unique in providing a comparison between opinion polls conducted just before the breakout of the global pandemic, and contrasting this with survey result carried out at the peak of the pandemic. As Education estates are figuring out their ‘new normal’, this report might provide some useful insights informed by the student body on how circumstances, aspirations and expectation have changed, and how this may impact the future of student life moving forward. Although it may seem obvious, the student voice is vital to the success of our research initiatives, as it is to all building projects within the sector.”

We would like to thank Claire Jackson and Eleanor Magennis as co-authors, and YouthSight in carrying out the survey. Further thanks go to all other HEDQF Research members who volunteered their time to contributed to this report: Ghazwa Alwani-Starr, Ian Caldwell, Rupert Cook, Alexander Grigull, Ruth Hynes, David Patterson, Steve Maslin, Henry Pelly, Cora Kwiatkowski, Joanna Eley, Ian Taylor, Ian Goodfellow, Dr.Caroline Paradise.